Maboneng Graffiti & Walking Tour


Exploring the city on a skateboard is one of the coolest ways to get to know Johannesburg, you don't need to know how to skate to join this experience. The experience starts with a skating lesson to help you navigate the city better; If Skating is not your thing you can neither walk or Cycle.

Pick-up time & duration

Daily departures. 
10.00 am-1 pm

3 hours


Skating Tour R460

Graffiti Walking tour: R550

Cycling tour: R650


Skateboard, Skating lessons, helmet, local guides, entrance fees, Water.



City skate tours

Skateboarding and cities are more connected than we realize - that's why skateboarders are always found in urban spaces.

Growing up in Johannesburg, you hear a lot of stories about what the city is or what it was like, either way, we always knew that there's more to this city than meets the eye.

On this experience, you will get the chance to explore Johannesburg from the skates perspective and understand the relationship between the city and its people.

City Skate tour is more than just skating through the city it's a movement that addresses mobility in big cities and Johannesburg forever evolving landscape and vision.

We also challenge the perception people have of skaters and skateboarding as a whole

Maboneng & Marshalltown

David Beckham was seen here and Forbes magazine rated it as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world. There's every reason for Maboneng's world recognition.

Learn about the epic street art initiative and visit its cultural attractions like the Museum of African Design, Arts on Main—a complex that was previously a series of dilapidated buildings and now has many cool galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

Enjoy the vibe while cruising on your skateboard.


NewTown Johannesburg 

Newtown, located near the Johannesburg city center, originally started out as a racially mixed working-class district where bricks were manufactured. In the late 1890s, the brickworks was removed to make way for the Kazerne Marshalling Yard, the first railway marshalling yard of its kind in Johannesburg

Today Newtown is known as the home of Jazz and Art in Johannesburg, the neighborhood is home to:

- Marketthreater 

- Museum Africa 

- Sci-Bono 

The art in this neiborhood will blow your mind!

Jewel City

Jewel City is a Billion rand development found downtown which is considered an addition to the Maboneng development.

Over the years the city as always never catered for Skaters we have seen bike lanes being built, New roads and skate parks but no one as really looked at skating as a mode of transport in the inner city of Johannesburg and the perception as always one that is negative when mentioning skating.

Jewel City as really incorporated skating in their design process and for the first time in the city people have started to look at skaking differntly and how Urban spaces can be used to attract a more diverse group of people; from people walking to people driving and now to those on their bikes and skateboards.


Johannesburg Through Unique Eyes

Hands down an amazing experience! This tour is for anyone looking to see Joburg through a unique perspective and a fresh mind set. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and accommodating, the tour itself is very informative and enjoyable for any age. After seeing these hidden treasures around the city I can say I’m proudly to be a South African! I can’t wait to support all the locals I came into contact with and visit them again soon.
Honest Travel Experiences for the WIN!

Date of experience: August 2020 Trip type: Travelled with family

Jessica Powell wrote a review 23 Aug.